Hurricane Recovery Documentary

Since March 2019, we have interviewed approximately 80 Robeson County residents about their experience with Hurricanes Matthew (2016) and Florence (2018). We are currently in the process of producing a documentary based on these interviews, focused on bringing together diverse visions for long-term recovery and the future of Robeson County. Our goal is for the film to inform planning discussions and help transform the community in positive ways.

We plan to host a special screening of the first part of the documentary in Summer 2020 for participants to provide feedback prior to wider release. More information on this event, including date and location, will be coming soon. We hope to see you there!

- John Murphy, Maxton, NC

“We [can] always learn something from somebody. We can never get too old to learn. And by watching these videos, it will give me more ideas of what to do for my community.”